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Venilia Batista Amorim

Barking Riverside resident since 2013

Treasurer & Steering Group Member of Thames Ward Community Project and Member of the TWCP Housing & Growth Citizen Action Group

Venilia is the Treasurer of the Barking Reach Residents Association, which oversees the Barking Riverside development.

She is a financial journalist and editor by profession with 18 years of experience covering the institutional asset market globally. She has deep understanding of governance structures not just through her work, but also by setting up charitable companies with a purpose to help solve certain community issues.

She has an eye for detail, particularly with regards to finance, and is passionate about securing better outcomes for residents of Thames Ward, particularly in relation to the campaign for a resident-led housing inquiry in response to the fire on Barking Riverside in June 2019, and housing management issues on the estate more broadly.

Venilia’s goal for Thames Ward is to progress a Resident Growth Charter in order to enable more residents to understand and be able to influence local development decisions.