Vanessa Raimundo

Thames View resident since 2014

Resident Steering Group Member of Thames Ward Community Project and Member of the TWCP Skills & Enterprise Citizen Action Group

Vanessa runs Mums on a Mission, an organisation which offers support to families to “build and promote resilience and confidence within our communities”. They specialise in peer advocacy (support from a trained volunteer who has similar experiences to you and so can understand the situation you are in) via coffee mornings and brunches and also focus on intergenerational projects to help bring the community together and develop meaningful dialogue and lasting relationships of trust. In collaboration with TWCP, Mums on a Mission will soon be offering workshops combining non-contact Boxing and Mindfulness techniques designed to support boys and young men in the area to build confidence, resilience and self-esteem in the face of adversity.

She is passionate about ensuring that all residents of Thames View and Barking Riverside have access to activities and opportunities which enable them to excel and is particularly talented at bringing different sections of the community together regardless of age, gender, class, culture or language.

Vanessa’s goal for Thames Ward is eradicate child poverty and empower and build confidence and self-esteem among local people to create their own businesses and employment opportunities which reflect their passions and empowers them to take their future into their own hands.