Serena Madhvani

Barking Riverside resident since 2013

Steering Group Member of Thames Ward Community Project and Member of the TWCP Housing & Growth Citizen Action Group

Serena is an Assistant Headteacher at Riverside School and teaches English. She frequently attends the Barking Reach Residents Association (BRRA) Forum and is on their local steering committee.

She wants to promote intergenerational care by one day twinning Riverside School with a local elderly care home in order to boost children’s literacy skills and build links with older people in the community. As a survivor of the Barking Riverside fire she is passionate about ensuring all local residents are living in safe homes and is directly involved in the BRRA campaign for all flammable cladding on homes to be removed.

Serena’s goal for Thames Ward is that it becomes a thriving, vibrant and diverse community. For Serena it’s not just about building new homes; it is about constructing a robust infrastructure. It is about health, well-being and creating places people want to live, work and socialise in – a place people love!