Nikhil Rathore

Barking Riverside resident since 2018

Resident Steering Group Member of Thames Ward Community Project and Member of the TWCP Environment & Green/Blue Spaces Citizen Action Group

Nikhil is a Yoga teacher, Thai Massage Therapist and Permaculture Garden Designer. He runs yoga classes privately and is keen to offer this locally to support resident well-being. Nikhil has personally experienced a transformation in his own well-being through Yoga & reconnecting with nature. It helped him to restore his own health and he is passionate about sharing that experience with the community.


He is an expert in permaculture which is a design science based in the ethics of Earth Care, People Care & Fair Share. Permaculture simulates, or directly utilizes, the patterns and resilient features observed in natural ecosystems. Permaculture design aims not just for sustainability, but beyond that to creating systems that are self-perpetuating and regenerative, increasing biodiversity and resilience of natural and human resources. These are the ethics and strategies Nikhil will be using to support the development of the community garden site next to Riverside School.


Nikhil’s goal for Thames Ward is to create a social business that improves the Health & Well-Being of residents via Yoga, Mindfulness and the improvement of the many local green (e.g. Ripple Nature Reserve & Ripple Greenway) and blue spaces (e.g. River Thames) and the creation of a ‘Ward-Wide’ Green Spaces Strategy.