The Community Resilience Programme, in partnership with Aviva, currently works with communities in Thames Ward, Barking London. The project aims to create community-led approaches to reduce the risk of emergencies, and better prepare, respond and recover from crisis. 

Our project aims to increase resilience by engaging local people in emergency preparedness, response and recovery planning in their community of Thames Ward.

The three main goals are: 

  • EngagementCommunities more engaged in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.  
  • Awareness: Stronger awareness of community needs and assets.  
  • Cooperation: Stronger cooperation between local authorities, emergency services and communities. 


The British Red Cross working alongside TWCP, residents and the London Fire Brigade (LFB) have co-produced a community event and are currently running a series of workshops to take action for fire preparedness and to develop a fire safety plan that would better equip the community to recognise the role they can play in an emergency, as well as improve communication, coordination, and cooperation between the community and statutory responders. 

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