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Thames Ward is the site of Europe’s largest growth area. The Council plan for 50,000 new homes to be built across the borough: nowhere more so than Thames Ward. The Barking Riverside site will deliver 10,800 housing units, with further residential activity planned along Thames Road, Thames View Estate and the A13 corridor.  But without a strong independent community response regeneration and the housing market can easily leave local people behind, as costs rise and services come under strain. 

Housing & Growth Citizen Action Group members are adamant that resident-led interventions are what the community needs to create long-term change and have begun to make some progress (see below).


Our Housing & Growth Citizen Action Group has convened several large public meetings, and based on resident feedback, has identified three priorities for its strategic work:
  1. Research and Relationships: understanding what is going on and building a resident movement
  2. Respect and Recognition: securing equal and open relationships with public and private sector partners
  3. Results: setting goals via a Resident Charter based on the priorities of local people

Overall Objective

The community will be stronger and more cohesive, with the leadership and organisational capacity to seize new opportunities and build a sustainable future.

Housing & Growth Initiatives

Thames Ward Resident Charter​

Riverside Housing Inquiry

Resident Planning Forum Workshops

meetings with x3 Thames Ward Tenant & Resident Associations

Key Achievements

  • We have held x4 Resident Growth Summits since June 2018, with attendance of over 200 people and participation from Lord Kerslake, Margaret Hodge MP, Matt Carpen (BRL Director), LBBD Deputy Leader Cllr Ashraf and the Bishop of Barking
  • We have been featured as a best practice case study  in Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) guidance.
  • We have delivered x10 workshops on participatory planning and mapping with support from Architecture sans Frontière, Bartlett School of Planning and TCPA.
  • We have played a support role, working alongside Barking Reach Residents Association, on the resident housing inquiry gathering resident testimony into the June 2019 fire and housing management concerns
  • We have worked with Barking Riverside Ltd to develop a Learning Forum to review the governance of the Barking Riverside Community Development Community Interest Company


Get involved!

If you live in Barking Riverside, Scrattons Farm or Thames View and want to get involved in resident-led activity with your neighbours then get in touch!

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