FREE ESOL classes that promote your wider development.

We offer free ESOL classes online via Zoom during Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Courses start throughout the year and upcoming dates are shared on this page and via our social media. The programme duration is 12 weeks.

ESOL courses are offered from ESOL Beginners/Level 1 and ESOL Intermediate/Level 2. If you’d like to study an ESOL course, register your interest and we’ll arrange for an initial assessment to make sure you’re studying on the right course and the next available start date.

What you can expect to learn?

ESOL classes are aimed at improving your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. You can also expect to improve your vocabulary, fluency, accuracy and pronunciation. The classes boast a variety of subject topics including health; learning how to describe common ailments, employment; learning how to describe skills and qualities, social; meeting people, and learning how to describe holiday and past experiences, and much more!


Assessments are carried out regularly in the form of home exercises and audio recordings.

What these classes can lead to?

The unique focus of this project is to provide holistic support to participants. Participants will be encouraged to take part in the Volunteering Workshop.

The workshop will teach participants how to acquire more skills and experience, especially in a very competitive job market where work experience is crucial when looking for a job. It will also provide guidance on how to land your ideal job.

For ESOL learners, particularly, volunteering would provide work experience, help them to make new friends and also practise their English. It is clear that a key barrier to participants getting a job is their lack of experience and the workshop would provide some tips on how to overcome those difficulties. 


Pierre’s passion for supporting students has translated into tangible change for many of them. Recently, a student Pierre was supporting through his mentoring scheme was offered a job as a care assistant volunteer in a local hospital. He notes that her self-esteem and confidence have grown immensely and she is now able to set even bigger goals than she first considered.

I would like you to continue to teach us in the same way and to pay attention to us in the same way. Thank you for everything and I hope you will continue to teach us with the same energy and desire. Thank you very much.

Eleonora, Bulgaria

I'm really happy I’m learning English with Pierre, he is an amazing teacher, is very good at explaining, and I have learned a lot from him. I hope to go back to his classes. 10/10!

Hurishe, Albania

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