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In 2017 43.8% of Thames Ward was open space, though since then much of that has been developed for residential use, with more to follow.  As the population rises the need to protect and enhance existing green and blue spaces becomes ever more important. The rise in extreme weather conditions triggered by climate change require innovative local solutions that work sympathetically with the natural environment.  Residents have also raised concerns about air pollution and land contamination, as documented by the Valence House archive. Environment & Blue-Green Spaces Citizen Action Group members are adamant that resident-led interventions are what the community needs to create long-term change and have begun to make some progress (see below).


Our Environment & Blue-Green Spaces Citizen Action Group has engaged with residents and key strategic partners to research and develop resident-led environmental solutions, and has identified three priorities for its strategic work:

  1. Sharing learning on climate change (adaptation and mitigation)
  2. Developing a Green and Blue Spaces strategy for the whole of Thames Ward
  3. Leading community actions including litter picking and community gardening

Overall Objective

To secure and enhance flourishing Green and Blue Spaces via resident action and to develop strong and effective partnership working with local agencies via a Ward-wide strategy  

Environment & Blue-Green Spaces Initiatives

Thames View Community Garden

New Riverside Community Garden Site

Key Achievements

  • We secured a new community garden site leased from BRL to TWCP via Riverside School.
  • We supported plot holders of Thames View Community Garden to create their own committee and constitution to help manage the development of the site and work better collaboratively with each other and partner organisations.
  • We received funding over £5,000 from London City Airport Community Fund and Barking Renew to develop community garden sites in Thames View and Barking Riverside.
  • We worked with CleanUp UK and Barking Riverside Ltd to tackle litter and secure new litter bins on Riverside
  • We are working in partnership with SUSTRANS, Be First, University of East London and Barking Riverside Ltd to deliver local environmental projects including the Ripple Greenway.

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If you live in Barking Riverside, Scrattons Farm or Thames View and want to get involved in resident-led activity with your neighbours then get in touch!

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