As we embed ourselves within the local neighbourhoods within Thames Ward we continue to meet with residents every day who are passionate about their local area and who have strong feelings about how it can be an even more pleasant and enjoyable place to live.

One of the core aims of the project is to empower local residents to come together with their neighbours to be the change they want to see in their local area.

We are listening to resident views and experiences at a wide range of community events, public forums, school coffee mornings, Tenants and Residents Association meetings as well as just chatting to people at the bus stop!

Some of the issues that have been raised frequently are:

  • A desire for more community events where residents can get together socially with their neighbours;
  • An easier and more connected way of finding out about local events
  • The need for more and better local services e.g. oversubscribed health centre

In the very early stages we were directly involved in facilitating discussions between Riverside School, parents and the developers around transport connectivity and access issues and have had some very positive outcomes already.

As we develop the project further we will be exploring opportunities to form groups of residents with common passions and interests to drive change around issues and activities such as:

  • Bulb planting and community gardening
  • Food growing
  • Training and employment opportunities
  • Community Media
  • Sports
  • Local History
  • Arts and Music

We hope to facilitate training for residents ourselves and via strategic partners who are passionate about supporting the project.