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Thames Ward, like the rest of Barking and Dagenham, is buzzing with artistic and creative talent among residents young and old. Riverside School is full of young people desperate for opportunities to hone their craft and showcase their abilities and there are a number of professional artists and musicians living locally. However, residents of all ages feel that there are not enough opportunities for these talents to be developed and shared in the local area. 

Our Arts & Culture Citizen Action Group members are adamant that resident-led interventions are what the community needs to create long-term change and have already started to make some progress (see below).


Based on resident feedback, our Arts & Culture Citizen Action Group has identified four priorities for its strategic work:

  1. Sharing important local information and stories in a fun, creative and engaging way.
  2. Connecting young people in the area to local professional artists, musicians, producers and DJs to deliver resident-led arts and culture activities which build inter-generational connections within the community.
  3. Providing the opportunities and facilities necessary for young people to express themselves creatively, build their confidence and self-esteem, and share their talents with other local residents.
  4. Enabling local people to take on leadership roles by using their artistic talents to get their voices heard on social issues and be able to influence wider changes to the area.

Overall Objective​

For local people to use their creativity and artistic expression to help bring the community together to form stronger relationships and a sense of common purpose.

Arts & Culture Initiatives

Learn to Draw with Emmanuel

Coping with Covid-19 Online Session

Vibes & Bounce with Josiah

Coping with Covid-19 Online Session

Art (& Cooking) with Khushnood

Coping with Covid-19 Online Session

Community Comics by Emmanuel



DJ Workshops by Josiah



Local Heroes Portrait Series By Emmanuel



Key Achievements

  • We delivered 17 DJ workshops to 20 young people at Riverside School between 30th October 2019 and 16th March 2020 prior to Covid-19 lockdown.
  • We supported DJ performances by students at school talent show, school assemblies and at the 4th Thames Ward Growth Summit – 4th Feb 2020.
  • We received £1,805 funding from Barking and Dagenham Renew to support weekly Learn to Draw sessions with our youngest steering group member, Emmanuel Oreyeni.
  • We received £2,000 funding from Barking and Dagenham Renew to support the weekly Vibes & Bounce Show from TWCP Resident Co-Chair Josiah Oyekunle.

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If you live in Barking Riverside, Scrattons Farm or Thames View and want to get involved in resident-led activity with your neighbours then get in touch!

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