Allan Thacker

Thames View resident since 1980

Resident Steering Group Member of Thames Ward Community Project and Member of the TWCP Housing & Growth Citizen Action Group

Allan is the Chair of the Thames View Tenants & Residents Association and a retired engineer with 44 years of experience. As part of his role as Chair of the Thames View TRA he regularly listens to the concerns and challenges faced by groups of local residents on issues including housing, property and anti-social behaviour and advocates on their behalf when liaising with local councillors. He has played a crucial role in assisting a number of community groups in obtaining funding for their projects, for example the New View Arts and Mens’ Shed Project’s (Shed Life) and also the Thames View Community Garden (TVCG). He is passionate about ensuring fairness and equality for residents in every part of Thames Ward, both new and old and that the wardgrows in an inclusive way that benefits all.

Allan’s goal for Thames Ward is that ALL residents work together to share their skills and build their confidence and collective power for the overall health and wellbeing of the ward.